Mothers Day Set

$100 $130

Indulge in a world filled with delicious macarons this Mothers Day . Our Mothers Day macaron pack is filled our all time favourite Character macarons and Classics. Enjoy the rich, savory buttercream with the soft, chewy texture of the macaron.

  • 1x Taro
  • 1x Bubblegum
  • 3x Bounty
  • 1x Matcha Mochi
  • 1x Pandan Brulee
  • 2x Chocolate
  • 2x Mix Berry
  • 2x Bixcoff Brulee
  • 1x Lychee
  • 1x Red Velvet
  • 1x Earl Grey
  • 1x Rilakkuma (Caramel)
  • 1x Milk Bottle (Strawberry Milk)
  • 1x Doraemon (Milk)
  • 1x Cat Paw (Earl Grey)
  • 1x Heart (Red Velvet)1x Hello Kitty (Strawberry Milk)
  • 2x Sakura Flower (Sakara Tea)

Are Fatcarons gluten-free?
Our macaron shells are made with ingredients that do not contain gluten, however we do produce some gluten-containing flavours which will be advised in the description of the product.

Are Fatcarons vegetarian?
Yes, fatcarons are vegetarian. No meat nor its by-products are used in production.

Are Fatcarons vegan?
No, fatcarons are not vegan. Milk, butter and eggs are used in production.

Are Fatcarons halal?
Yes, fatcarons are halal. They contain no alcohol, animal fats or gelatine.

Why do Fatcarons melt?
We use a cream-based filling, which is a healthier and less fatty option than the common filling on the market. Fatcaron uses less saturated fat, which is healthier but has a lower melting point than highly saturated fat. In contrast with the white chocolate base, our cream base As a result, the filling is more susceptible to heat and time. Fatcarons are like fresh cakes, which require refrigerating.


Where do you deliver?
We deliver to most areas in Sydney, if your delivery address is not accepted, then we do not currently offer delivery to that area yet. We strictly practice No Contact Delivery, that means our drivers can't go inside your building/apartment.

What are you delivery days
We have set delivery days for each location - outside of our delivery days will be charged extra on top of delivery the fee

How much is delivery?
Delivery is $15. If you spend $70 or more, then delivery will be free Additional $15 outside of delivery days

What time will my macarons arrive?
Our delivery time is between 11am-5pm, you will be notified by our courier upon arrival

What happens if I miss my delivery?
In case you do not answer your phone, we will wait for you for 10 minutes and move on to our next delivery. Your order will be left at the nearest store closest to you and can be collected within 2 days

Can I get a refund
We do not offer refunds for orders that have been submitted and/or missed deliveries

Can I change my delivery location?
Delivery destination cannot be changed once the order has been submitted. 

Please ensure that you read the above information thoroughly to avoid any confusion, as the will help our delivery run smoothly

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