Fatcaron is a unique dessert created to excite your eyes and tantalise your taste buds. Using only the best ingredients as well as the deepest passion, our whimsical ideas will be the centrepiece of your sweet delight.

Our story

On a fateful Saturday, what used to be a personal hobby was transformed into a business at a small stall at Glebe Markets. From that small stall, Fatcaron was born and within a short year, it flourished into a brand.

Fatcaron is known for its unique macarons. With a bigger size, each mouthful is more filling than the last. With over 50 flavours, the vast range caters to every taste. With an infinite range of designs, our macarons are never boring.

Fresh, chewy and fragrant

Fatcaron excels by being more fresh, chewy and fragrant than your average macaron. Each macaron is crafted carefully in the optimal conditions: striking a delicate balance between time, temperature, humidity, quality ingredients and expertise.

Kept in-store and delivered in the best condition, each macaron retains its freshness. Created with the finest skill, each macaron is delightfully chewy – not too tough, not too soft. Mixing the finest natural scents, each macaron exudes fragrance, leaving you hungry for more.

70% less sugar: a myth?

You can throw your calorie worries out the window with Fatcaron. We proudly present three factors that combine to make the “70% less sugar” possible:

First, our round macarons are made with French meringue instead of Italian meringue. French meringue allows the reduction of sugar but requires more skill to perfect.

Second, the ingredients we use are less sugary. We avoid using chocolate filling except for our chocolate flavours and we use crème anglaise, which we make from scratch. Our macarons contain less sugar and more almond powder, which is naturally sweet. Swapping out the unhealthy and cheap ingredients for premium ones is expensive, but it is all to make our macarons worth your while.

Lastly, it is not the sweetness of the macaron itself that you taste. It is the sensation of sweetness. The larger size and chewy texture of our macarons allow you to savour them for longer. Unlike most macaron places, our macaron filling, which dictates flavour, does not contain jam. We provide only the best quality ingredients, balancing mathematics and science, to bring about that feeling of sweetness as you enjoy our macarons.

We are pleased to assure you that the 70% less sugar is neither a myth nor a gimmick, but the truth.